Great sounds and looks (10.2022):


  • My instance. Constructed from my first ever self ordered PCBs. I think it turned out pretty good.
  • Build your own.
  • I built a second instance as a present for TNG


Thank you:

  • To Christian aka Funque Mod
  • Great stickers, stamps and Eurorack modules from California

Happy Halloween!

More working modules (09.2022):

  • Furby is moving in, still in MVP-state but running on synth power and sending out sound
  • I created adaptors for my toys (svg)
  • A propper mixer realy makes a difference

Lookin' good (06.2022):

Furby and other progress (05.2022):

  • Fruby is making Progress
  • I built several new modules and decorative dummies

New case (05.2022):

I need more space...

FanDoom (04.2022):

Thank you Sam!

I need to cath them all (04.2022):

I picked up a Furby on a flea marked and made a checklist of modules to get

Evolution (02.2022):

That was fun... gimme some more :)

Initialy (01.2022):

I made an enclosure out of wood with my K40 lasercutter. It is designed for 4mm material and maybe I'll update to acrylic now that my box is working.

Prequel (~2021):

Youtube suggested a video of LMNC to me. I don't remember the exact one but probably someting about Furbies or Gameboys. I got hooked by the "don't be scared to try it" attitude. I saw the Fart box video.

I had no clue...